Build your dream physique!

My personal workout program that has transformed me in just a year and a half of training!

During and even after high school I was always abnormally skinny and found it very difficult to put on any weight, it was until I was about 18 and a half years old that I joined up at the gym and started grinding every single day to try and achieve my goal physique, these are photos of me at 17 and 18.

Fast forward now to me at 20 years old and I am 20kg heavier and feeling the best I have ever felt. I do admit there are definitely some things I could have done differently in time I have been given to achieve this physique to make myself look even better, but that is why I would like to share this knowledge with you guys so you can have the opportunity that I wasn’t given. For those of you who wish to purchase my training plan just know it involves, low to medium training volume with every set and exercise performed at maximum intensity.